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Nov 30, 2002
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I was wondering about this, and then lyn mentioned Hattie shedding out slick on her own...

I've always loved Mingus' natural coat, and showed him this last weekend without clipping, but then he was nothing but a blur in the show ring, LOL!

After studying the Shetlands at this show, I'm certain Mingus' breeding is Shetland, and I want to play this up, as I believe it is a real asset.

So, are you clipping your double registered show horses? Mini or Shetland coat? And are you showing them in Shetland shows as well as AMHR?

Also, does anyone use a Shetland halter, or even a closed ring leather halter with an added browband? We tried one on him this past weekend, and it looked great on him.

I have to add that watching Modern Shetland Liberty, I fell totally in love. I had to pick my jaw up out of the dirt and wipe the drool off my chin! I'm not crazy about all the shoeing that goes with them, but WOW -- I guess I just love an arrogant horse, especially one that is of a height where they can look me in the eye...
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[SIZE=14pt]Shirley was only clipped once this year adn she showed natural. Indy and sweet tart showed natural at regionals as did Sweets dad. Sweet is being clipped for the world championship show next weekend in Columbus. I am not clipping as much this year as last. I would just do his head with a 10 a few days before and his ears and muzzle with a 40. Clean up his pasturns and go for it! I will take a pic of Shirley later today. you wont believe the bay shine there![/SIZE]

I'll look forward to seeing her, lyn...I love her, and not JUST because she's a bright bay (although I am partial to them!). She's an all around beautiful girl.
[SIZE=14pt]The shine may not show up I dont know . I cant really see it when I look in the camera.... but im home alone so this is the best I can do. She is VERY shiny. We would not clip her for a show at this point. For sure Hattie would only get her jaw and chin wiskers off. Same with Shirley.

We had been told by a lot of people that you did not have to clip the shetlands so Lee had not planned on doing so. He showed at a local show & saw that some people did & decided he liked them better clipped. He clipped his mare 4 days before congress that first year. He has been showing two yearling shetlands this year & has clipped them before every show just like he does our mini's. We really think they look better that way. Both of them shine whether freshly clipped or not.
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hi susanne

we never body clipped patches to show in modern. We also have a mini stallion that never needs body clipped. I think it just depends on the specific horse.

Also be aware that there are two different types of Moderns. There is what i call the "hot" modern and the pleasure modern. Patches is a pleasure modern. She has never had shoes or been weighted or chained and was 3rd in the nation for modern liberty all stars. She was undefeated in liberty until we got to congress. She wasnt feelling good and just would not perform that day. So see you can have a modern shetland and not shoe etc.
I have to say Patches is one of our farm favorites. Everyone that comes here falls in love with her personality. We are anxiously awaiting her first foal any day now!!

Patches in show coat never clipped


Bad pic of Patches in liberty

I love both Shirley and Patches! I can see Shirley's glossy coat just fine, lyn...allowing for variation in monitors, I'm guessing that her coat is very much like Mingus'

kaykay, I was wondering about the differences between Modern and Modern Pleasure -- that's a big one right there.

Cathy, it's good to know that both clipping and natural coat are acceptable.
minis only.. sry

well our 1st yr of showing, we did not clip (& one of our minis Always has a very thick & heavy coat- no matter how much he is washed or brushed!) & now this year i clipped for the first time &... WE LOVE IT!

even our 1 stud with a very fine coat looked good! if you let it grow out a week or 2 before your show & brush regularly your boy's shine will come back, just with a cleaned up look.

i would cilp black/ dark browns 3 weeks before a show, cuz it allows there true colour 2 show.

i think the minis like it too in the hot weather

it does depend on the horse tho too..

it is your choice! No pressure

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