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Aug 20, 2003
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The premium book for the Area VI Club Show in Denison, Iowa on May 31 and June 1 is now available for download!

This show features 4 JUDGES and classes for AMHR A & B Miniatures, Classic Shetlands, Foundation Shetlands, Modern Pleasure Shetlands, Modern Shetlands, and American Show Ponies!

Please visit the Area VI Club's website at or to learn more about the Area VI Shetland Pony & Miniature Horse Breeders' Association!
I just want to Bump this up as a reminder. There will be a few special surprises at this show, I am looking forward, like everyone else to see them!

This show also includes ASPR classes, just want to mention that.

I hope if you are in reach of this show, that you get a chance to attend this year!
Just a reminder that pre entry deadline is tomorrow!
Nope not me, showing is pretty much out for me this year. Even if it wasnt I dont have anything other then my nutty pony
to show. And he is so in love with the big horse I am not sure how he would be. He has his work cut out for him learning how to jump, drive and ride. So who knows what he might be up to for 2009!

Think I might be farm setting that weekend.

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