Anyone on here from or in the Las Vegas, NV area?

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Dec 1, 2002
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A friend is over there attending the Fest for Beatles Fans at the Mirage this weekend/early next week.

My farrier has a small cabin in the area he's always said we could stay at, but I have never been!

I MIGHT get to go next year, but wondered if there were any Forum members with insight...what else is there to do other than the casinos and the like?

I've been to Vegas several times. There's lots to do even if you don't gamble: rides, shows, etc.

Do a google search and plenty of info. comes up.
Thanks, nik, about the google search...I was kind of looking for people that lived there, to see what they liked to do, to help weed all the options out more than anything.

I think I'd end up driving around and looking at things out in the outlying areas. My best friend says Pahrump is pretty cool. What a strange name, eh?

Pahrump is pretty cool? Compared to where? LOL We used to drive through that town on the way to Western Regionals. *don't blink*

I grew up in AZ. Vegas wasn't far. The Hoover Dam also isn't far from Vegas, and there's also the Grand Canyon. You can do helicopter and train rides rides, go rafting, trail ride the canyon or go out on the Skywalk...
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I live about 130 miles from Vegas , Its a real cool town very busy all night long . yes there are shows and all kinds of different attractions , they have the zigfreid and roy Tigers they have concerts anything you can imagine vegas has. its a big city at night the strip is all lite up it to is something to see

Parump is nothing in my opinion that I would want to see. if you drive the 130 miles you can go to Laughlin Nv and see the Colorado River Or lake Mohave, Hoover dam is real cool to see. If you have never been there and have a chance to go I would take it.
When I go to go to Vegas we always go to the Magic shows! Its really fun! Im not old enough to drink and my parents dont drink and hardly gamble so we always find fun things to do! I love Vegas and am planning on going to college only a couple hours away from there! St George, Utah!
I am a former resident of Vegas. While I did travel outside the city often (as others mentioned there are helicopter tours, four-wheeling tours, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Red Rock (if you like hiking or cycling), and a crater whose name I can't remember all in the relatively near vicinity), I think you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not enjoying the city itself a little. The shopping is awesome, the food is awesome, the shows are awesome--I am NOT a gambler, but it was never hard for me to find things to entertain me on the strip (though many natives do not even go there anymore). One of my favorite dorky things to do used to be to pick up a six-pack of glass bottle cokes from the Coca-Cola store and then head to GameWorks and play the old-fashioned arcade games hidden on the back ramp (Caterpillar, Galactica, Pac-Man, etc). There is also some excellent outlet shopping right outside the city. Anyway, I could go on, but I'm sure if you went you'd find plenty to entertain you.
So my friend that told me Pahrump was neat was uhh...maybe a little "out of it" to be nice?

Of course I'd do stuff in the city, just curious what else was out there that others had done.


Pahrump is a neat little historic mining town on the way south. It sits on top of a hill in the middle of miles of flat land....... The main street is the highway going through and the main casino (with a hotel) is the classic movie style old fashioned western hotel and least it used to be. Back when I used to travel with Larry on his hauling trips, we always stopped and tried to time having a meal there.
Once we plunked a few quarters in the slot machine and won enough money that it paid for our dinner.

We aren't big gamblers either....... But along the strip outside of several of the casinos there are free "shows" that are put on several times a day or night. The Mirage Casino has the Tiger exhibit.... There are also celebrities that perform at the bigger casinos, but the tickets are spendy. Oh and the big black pyramid -- what's that one called??? It has a ride inside of it you can go on.........
attractions to visit, providing it isnt the weekend, the clown factory, they paint and make all kinds of clowns. and ethel someones chocolate factory.

i livied there for two years and hated it. But to visit it is great. Golf is expensive unless you can go play at the air force base. But the courses are beautiful. The food is very reasonable, nothing like the buffets.
Thanks, liltnt, and Miniv, very helpful!

I believe it's Ethel M's Chocolate Factory, my hubby apparently says their chocolate is fantastic! We are going the end of August and he plans on going there. He says there is an outlet in one of the casinos but can't remember which one.

He didn't know you could actually go to the factory. Anyone know where it is?

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