Anyone familiar with the Petit Jean Moutains?

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Aug 18, 2003
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Northeast Arkansas
My 12th wedding anniversary is tomorrow, the next day is my son's 15th birthday, and then 5 days later is my other son's 16th birthday.... Donnie decided to give us all a nice surprise.

I've been complaining that we never do anything as a family, and I'm loosing my eyesight so I want to go and do things together while I can still see... give myself memories I can view in my head when I can no longer see with my eyes. Well... guess the hubby must of heard one of the 3,000 times I've said it because he told me today that he has turned in a vacation day and worked through it (for extra income) and he's going to take us all down to the Petit Jean State Park (mountains) this weekend!

We're going to stay in a Holiday Inn Express in Conway, then get up Saturday morning and head over to the mountains to do some hiking and sight seeing. All of us... as a family. Cell phones off, just me, Donnie, and the kids. It's their special wildflower weekend where they're giving extra attention to the wildflowers growing on the mountains.

Has anyone else been to the Petit Jean Mountains? What did you think of it? My husband was there many years ago... he loved it and he's assured us that we'll love it too. Can barely wait...
I am familiar with it. I sure wish you would stay at the lodge on the mountain instead of in Conway though. They have family cabins that you can rent for a night or a week if you want. It is so beautiful to get up and have a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise.

I suggest if you are going to hike that you hike down to the falls. It is about a mile hike but is a well marked path and is beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend. Your hubby is right, you will love it.

I am so jealous! I havent been but want too.

So take lots of pix and share with us next week...

Have a great family weekend!!
There is a lake, the antique car museum, Pettit Jean's grave withe her story. Several look out points. Mt. Magazine is in the distance, it is the hightest elevation in AR. I think they have a golf course and water toys for the lake, paddle boats. there are several things in the area to do and see. the park is wonderful, and you can't beat the hike down the mountian. Hope u have fun.

One of my most favorite will love it .....Michael

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