Anyone coming from Washington to Emerald Valley??

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Oct 1, 2007
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Bonanza, Oregon
I am wanting to buy a show cart near Bellingham Washington and need it hauled down to Oregon. Is there anyone coming to Oregon who could help?? I would help pay gas!!
Ah, you're buying Dena's cart hmm? Cool! I'll be going from Snohomish (about two hours south of Bellingham) to Oregon twice in July if you can't find a ride before then. Also will be going to a mini show in Spanaway and a CDE in Ethel, WA in June and could conceivably transfer the cart to a third person at either of those events to get it closer to you. Dena'd just have to get it at least half-way down to me or the Everett area.

Thanks Leia!!! You are an angel as always!! I will check with Dena and let you know if that will work!! Thanks so much I will pay your gas!!! How far into Oregon are you coming in July?? Gina
I am not Leia, but I am going to the same event...we are going to the Inavale CDE in Philomath, near Eugene.
July 3-6.
...and to the Beavercreek CDE in Eagle Creek, OR two weeks later. The Happ's CDE is June 19-22 and I know many people there who come up from southern Oregon and could probably be coaxed to drop off a mini cart on their way home if given enough notice. It just depends on when you need it and where you are!

Trust me, any gas money is a big help these days.
It's costing me twice as much as the event itself just to get there!

Leia, we should consider going down to Beavercreek together. No sense both of us traveling down separately.
Thanks Amy!! I really appreciate all the help. I know with fuel so high I can't afford to drive to Bellingham and get the cart so need to find someone already coming this way!! I am in Bonanza Oregon which is on the Oregon California border so basically middle of nowhere!!

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