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Nov 5, 2007
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I just saw one at my Farm and Home store and wondered if anyone uses them and if they work?? They were $9 per block. My thing is I think my biggee would lick it but not sure if my mini would?? He doesnt usually lick his mineral block... So dont know if it would keep flies off??
If the ones you saw are like what I use, they have Rabon in them. It's actually a feed-thru that will kill fly eggs/larvae in the manure. The blocks I buy have molasses along with the minerals in them so the hard part is keeping them stocked! EVERYONE loves eating them!!! If you're faithful about keeping them stocked and don't slack off, it WILL make a difference in the fly population, IMO. I also use the hanging flytraps in the barn and that helps too.
That sounds like a great idea! Have to search around my farm store to see if they have it. Never seen one before, but if that'll help with flies, PERFECT!!!!
I have a friend that fed those to her horses. Last year every horse she bred (5) the year before didn't take. She quit feeding those fly control blocks when all of her mares missed. This year they are still off of that kind of fly control and she had 2 mares abort late term. One foal that was aborted actually had a hole in her belly. She did get 3 healthy foals. She swears it is the fly control blocks that has caused the problems. I don't know.
I used to use those blocks too...until I found out that they are dangerous to horses...check this out:

Hhhmmmmm....very interesting!! Maybe this year I will invest my $$$ into those fly-killing INSECTS instead! Sounds like it would be healthier for the horses. And definately "greener" for the environment
Wow! Never mind. Bad of me to figure if they are on the shelf, they are safe. Just stick with fly spray.

I looked at them last year, but when I read it was stuck together with molasses, that was the first no and then when I heard about some big horses miscarrying - that was the second no.

So no to those on my farm. Besides the other thing I didn't like, you have to start those blocks before flies start hatching, which this Sunday up in MN, we saw our first batch of face flies.
[SIZE=12pt]I've used them for the past three years

Are the negative effects permanent


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