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Sue S

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Mar 30, 2007
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I have a mare that is pretty close to foaling, this week she started coughing alot, she does have allergys, I do have allergy meds for her but don't want to give them because of the baby, Everytime she turns around she is coughing also shaking her head, Could this have anything to do with the baby? I just feed them hay and she won't eat it, I gave her some nice warm beet pulp this afternoon thinking it might make her throat feel better, she dumped it out, She is huge. I checked on choke and strangles and there is none of those symptons except coughing.
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The best thing would be to have your vet out and exam her. There are so many different things it could be. I know most allergy meds have albuterol and Im not sure pregnant mares can have that. This is prime time for pnemonia (as is fall) so be careful!! Have you taken her temp?
Hmm, could she maybe have something stuck in her throat causing an irritation, but not "choke"...such as hulls of grain or something that just got stuck there somehow? Hope you can get it figured out. Good Luck!
I noticed that when she lays down she coughs harder, tips her over on her side, Going to have vet out tomorrow, thanks for answering.

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