Anxious pacing stallion

Discussion in 'Miniature Horse Photo & Video Gallery' started by Coopersgirl3, Jan 16, 2020.

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    So we recently got a new little stud mini named Little Man. He is about 13 years old and for the last 10 years of his life he has lived on a dairy farm with little to no contact with other equine only cows and goats. We brought him home about four days ago, and he was ecstatic to meet our other two full sized horses which are geldings. He stayed excited all day and ran around and made a fool of himself every time he nosed them. Starting on his first night here after the horses lost interest and left the side of his paddock he began to pace back-and-forth along the fence line, he paced all night long I’m pretty sure, and fast forward to four days later he has continued to pace back-and-forth along that Fenceline until he is tired and goes and takes a little break and then goes back to his pacing until the other horses come back and stand by him if they’re interested enough. He’s eating and drinking but his incessant pacing kind of worries me what can I do to help this little guy out? I know he just wants to be by the other horses but I don’t think it would be safe to put him in with my other boys. I’m planning on probably gilding him in the future as he is quite study and I am not planning to breed, maybe this will help a little? We’ll see how it goes with more time but advice from experience mini owners would be appreciated

    Sorry just realize that I have put this in the wrong forum...But I can’t figure out how to delete it and move it
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