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Aug 19, 2003
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Does anyone know anything about using daily wormer in minis? I use daily wormer in my big horses and ivermectin in spring and fall. Is this a good wormer schedulw for the minis also? Thanks for any info.
The only time I have had positive fecals for worms was when we were feeding Strongid C 2x and Ivermectin 4 time per year..I think it possibly works unless you pasture various ages together...
I've had my minis on Strongid C2x for years - haven't had a fecal done in a long time, probably should check, but my horses look good and stay healthy. The only problem I have is the mares eating in a group together. You have no way of knowing how much each horse is getting in a group situation.

Thanks! I feed mine their grain seperately so I do know how much they are getting of the Strongid 2X.

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