Another POOKA baby!!!

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He is beautiful and love that little face and his blue eyes. Congrats on another gorgeous boy
Oh good grief, Robin, your killing me! I didn't breed last year preparing to sell but all these babies are tugging at my heart! You are doing it on purpose trying to get me to keep 3 or 4.... I know you! LOL

All kidding aside he's gorgeous, Robin. I have a Buster filly here that looks almost identical to him. She's leggy, too. I'll send her to ya and you'd have an almost identical driving team.
Congratulations on another beautiful well bred baby!

Thanks Karina, and dgrminis and Debi!

Debi you missed my little black colt with the blue eyes! I'm in love with him! And my filly! She's awesome!

Yup you totally need to keep 4 minis to love!
Congratulations on another beautiful foal , Im a sucker for those blue eyes too !

Mary your foal is a beauty ...and so refined .. !!!!

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