An early wedding present!!

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Jul 28, 2007
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Southern Indiana
We went to an auction today. You know how hard it is not to buy, especially

when you see something you've been wanting. We saw this beautiful black

30 inch weanling filly that is a granddaughter of Boone's Little Buckeroo and

Candylands Best Kept Secreat. We also bid on very small 26 1/2 inch weanling

pinto filly. Wow we couldn't believe we got both. John and I are tieing the knot

this Friday after a 30 year detour.

We met in 1977 and I knew at that time I was in Love. Unfortunately, he was

already engaged to someone else. I was not able to persuade him to not marry

her. We went our seperate ways and each married other people. I never forgot

him and in 2004 I decided to try to find him. I was able to use the internet to

obtain addresses and sent letters to everyone in Indiana with that name. On

Thanksgiving weekend of that year I received an e-mail from him. He said he

had asked old freinds about me several times but no one knew where I was.

Now after almost 4 years of being together we are finally getting married.

Here are my two new girls we bought in celebration of the event.

Tiny Trotters Romp Away AKA "Marigold" - 5 months old.




and R & B Annas Rosebud AKA "Rosebud" - 3 months old and just weaned.



and the two of them together


We think this will complete our herd for a while.

Thanks for letting me share our news.
Wow, a Cinderella story!! First of all, a huge congrats to the two of you getting married! Now don't 'lose' each other again! LOL

And a big congrats on your purchases of the two fillies. Weaned at 3 months and sent to an auction? That's kinda sad I think. I am glad you got them both- they will at least get good care with you! They are nice babies.

I know someone who bought a foal and they were told it was about 4 1/2 months old, later found out it was not, it had been weaned about 8 weeks and shuffled across the U.S. in someone's motor home, and back to be purchased by someone else. The poor thing had terrible herd and social skills... and it about didnt survive, it just had issues from being weaned so early...

People need to remember these are horses, not goats or something that you can bottle feed for six weeks and then figure they are ok. I had someone email this summer and ask me if I had any new foals being born cause they wanted to buy one they could bottle feed and raise with their one remaining goat!!! Uh no, and when I asked if she had proper facilites for a horse and were they zoned for horses where she lived.. didnt hear from her again.

Anyhow, didnt mean to get side tracked there... CONGRATS for all and how exciting for you both on the Big Day and on your nice new babies!!

Cute little girls and that is just awesome you found each other after all that time.
HUGE congrats on your wedding!!! At long last!!! What is meant to be, will be!

You can't get a better wedding gift than minis!
Beautiful fillies, and I love your story!

And I like the way this works...

2 horses when you get married...

Keith and I will have been married 19 years as of Sept 10...

I think we're about 34 horses behind! Won't Keith be surprised by what I want for an anniversary present?
Congratulations on your wedding and the horses. Wishing you both many happy years together.
What a great story!! I had to go back to your profile to see when you joined as I knew it wasnt too long ago. July of 07.... You sure are building a great little herd...and quickly too!!! I think its so great that you and John are sharing the same passion and the love of your new "mini adventures". They are both darling, congratulations on your new horses and rekindling your romance with John !! Many happy years for all!!
on finding true love again and joining the wonderful world of minis together!!!!
Many happy horsey years to come
What a wonderful, joyful story you have shared with us.

Congrats to you both and to your new mini family.They are both very nice lokking girls. I know they will have a great life with you both.

Thank you for sharing your heartwarming and very happy news.