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Aug 18, 2003
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I was using AMHA Studbook online and discovered that 3 of my original horses(almost 20 years ago) are missing their registration numbers and listed as UNREGISTERED.It really upsets me since I paid $1200 for the stallion and $600 each for 2 mares to have them Hardshipped many years ago when I first got into Minis.I refused to breed unregistered horses and figured if they would pass an inspection they would be ok to breed.I got some nice offspring from all 3 and still have 3 daughters from 1 pair.I have contacted the AMHA and hope they correct this problem since all 3 horses show up many times in pedigrees of horses I have bred.I would suggest if any of you have ever hardshipped a horse, just check to see if it is still registered.2 of the 3 horses of mine are now deceased, but they should still have their registration numbers given to the offspring.2 daughters were born before they were hardshipped and I had to hardship them as well.Boy did I spend lots on hardship fees way back then.I'm glad I did it because all my horses have always been registered.
I noticed that too...I was researching a mare I'm interested in, and it lists her dam as 'unregistered'. I've seen her dams Registration papers, and she was hardshipped. Hopefully it's a computer problem that will be corrected.

After I got Oliver I called them and they said they quit doing "hardship" cases last December. It's really sad what happened to the horses you had registered through them. That is a lot of money to have disappearing registries.

You know I just the other day noticed this very thing. What got me was there is no offspring listed for my mare. This mare has had a baby every one but one for me since she was bought in either 95 or 96 , she was hardshipped into amha but had amhr papers. I definitely think her offspring should be listed as her foals. After all, she is an amha horse now.

Those horses have AMHA registration papers which cost way more than a regular registration fee.It will be interesting to see what comments I get from the office.If they are not going to list my horses as being Registered maybe they will give me back my money.
AMHA has not stopped hardshipping, but AMHR has.
It must be a glitch in the computer system because we have some hardshipped horses too that are showing as unregistered in the studbook online. Crazy, huh? It wasn't like that a while back and I don't think they mean for it to show up that way. That would be really bad if you are depending on the studbook online to check horses status if hardshipped horses showed up as unregistered... they are not unregistered and that is misleading.

Ginny Long
When I called she told me they both had. Oliver is 31" at 3 and I wanted to do him.

I will recall in the am to see what someone else tells me then. You know how that goes!

I agree with Ginny. It must be a glitch in the system. I have several hardshipped horses here in my herd that I am using for breeding. I have their papers in hand and their registration is valid.

I also have a yearling filly who isn't even in the on line system at all! She is DNA tested and Parent Qualified and I have her papers in hand, so I know she is registered! She's heading to the Central Championship Show as well as her sire who is a hardshipped horse and both of them have valid registration papers.

Wasn't it Johnstons Super Charger that showed up in the system about a year ago as unregistered? That was definitely a computer glitch!
Fran i think you called amhr instead of amha. amhr stopped doing hardshipping in dec 2004.

Ginny---i remember that coming up about Johnstons Supercharger. At the time AMHA said it was a glitch with the new computer. But dang you think they would have corrected it by now??

By the way anyone know how long amha is taking on papers right now??? Im still waiting on mine and dna forms ughhh
kaykay said:
By the way anyone know how long amha is taking on papers right now??? Im still waiting on mine and dna forms ughhh


I sent in registration applications and requests for DNA to AMHA on June 30 and haven't heard a thing yet.

I sent in a transfer to AMHR on June 22 and got it back last week. I think everyone is running slow.

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