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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]I have been posting two colts, both with A papers, one foundation the other not. Both I consider show quality. I have them priced at 600 and 700 dollars. Am I deluding myself to think I can get that? Am I not asking enough so people who show wont even enquire? If you dont want to answer here PM me please.[/SIZE]

Thanks. Lyn
Lyn i dont know much about ponies so i cant help you with that part all i can say is for me as a buyer or someone shopping when i see a picture of a foal all cleaned up and in a show halter standing , as opposed to one standing in the pasture i am just more drawn to the "show"type of picture now i havent even seen the sale board yet so i dont know what type you posted-I know though how hard those can be of the little ones
Lyn, if I had the money... I have the room, just no money right now... I'd buy Sparky in a heartbeat. I think your price is very reasonable, and he's exactly what I'm looking for to show.

That said, it's just a tough time I think for selling. Lots of people have already spent their horse money for the year earlier. That coupled with the fact that the boys, at the moment, are a bit of a tougher sell may have something to do with your responses.
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Tami has hit the nail on the head. Time of year, sex, location, all have a lot to do with how well ponies sell. Fall isn't a good time to sell colts though I've found it to be a very good time of year to sell proven breeding stallions.

When I'm looking for show stock for the next season I usually start looking in January if that helps any.
[SIZE=14pt]Thanks Tami and Lewella, Guess I will hold on to them if I have to.... I sure cant give them away! I was able to sell some horses easily in the spring but not anymore... not even bred mares![/SIZE]

hi lyn

I too think its the time of year. Everyone is either busy getting ready for nationals or has already spent their horse money for the year. I have a beautiful filly here who i havent gotten one email on. Never had that happen before! But also its my fault as I havent gotten her cleaned up and new pics taken. But like you i figure if she doesnt sell ill show her next year and have some fun with her.