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We are getting tons of requests for promotion of cmhr etc. We really need to get some helpers on this committee. This committee designs ads, brochures, flyers for booths etc etc.

Need people with pretty good webskills to design promo stuff online.

Kay Kay:

Why don't you post this request on the other forum(s)? (or is that fora?)

I know there are several Lil Beginnings folk that work in the advertising or graphic arts areas.. Don't recall who they are... but they may not currently be monitoring the CMHR forum..

Do you think Mary Lou would object if you posted a thread on those.. (and on the Sale Board too).. asking for help and pointing to this thread for responding?

Just and idea... and no, I don't have skills in that area.. sorry.

Kay, I would love to help you out , but I dont really have any skills in that line of work. I sure can promote CMHR here in Wisconsin tho, and the UP. Do you need any help in that area??

My husband and I will help you out on the webstuff. Just send me the info we need. My husband is loving working on web sites. You can privately email me if you need to [email protected]
Just tell me what to do!

And where to go, or where to send it to,,, to do it!

My thought:

Make a 3 fold flyer, I love to use publisher.

Then send to all the clubs. Can get addresses in World. Or on web sites.

Postage cost is mine.

What do you think?
Hi Frankie

Been crazy here so pls know im thinking of stuff for ya hehehe. I talked to michelle and she would love it if you would do the email newsletter. We need to get one out in the next two weeks as memberships are due in March so put your thinking cap on and we will start with that. We do have a fold up brochure so if ya want i can mail ya some
You can get the email list from michelle at [email protected]

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