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Dec 24, 2004
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Fallon, NV
I'm used to being able to A.I. mares coming from Arabs, will I see cooled semen is allowed I don't see most stallions offering outside services. Do I have to get a stud to be able to breed mares when I really rather not? Please educate my in the mini ways
My vet is going to a seminar this week on reproductive issues with horses and MINIS. She's going to look into the AI procedures and possibly get the equipment, which would be great.

I'm anxious to see if anyone posts the farms that are currently using this. I thought it wasn't approved yet.
Well from what I have heard with the minis that shipped semen (as it is only cooled) with the minis isn't very viable. I think the AI on site works just fine but when you go to shipping and trying to get mares across country in foal the conception rate is almost nonexistent in the minis.

I am pretty sure (at least think with AMHA) your stallion has to have something like an AMHA permit for AI.

I do think over all the years that there has been 1 miniature foal reg. from AI.
AI for miniature horses has not been successful!

I heard a year or so ago that there was only AI baby registered. Do not know if this has changed or not. But have heard of many many that have tried it and it has not worked for them.

Lovepatch Farms will be offering AI services in 2006. We offer collection AND on-site processing. So, if you are interested in having a nice Appy foal - give us a call or send us an email

Lee Romero & Cory Vandergeld
I've been hoping more Shetland folks would give it a go too. I hate to buy and house a stallion for just 4 mares, one of which will have to be AI'd anyway (big girl). I called ASPC last year to find out what the requirements are. I imagine they are the same for R. They require a regular stallion report and a letter or some such from the vet or facility manager doing the procedure. On the stallion report, just indicate which breedings were AI. DNA is not required at this time (but I've heard it may be in the future), but if you want to attach it, they'll make note of it. When I talked to them about it last year, they said that although it had been approved, noone was really using it yet. I was fully planning on using it last year, but between not being able to find a stallion that shipped, and my dentist taking all my pony savings, I still have open mares. I've since learned that there is at least one shetland offering shipped semen.
I have also been told that shipped semen in minis is overwhelmingly UNsuccessful.

If someone collects and immediately AI's the mare ON SITE, however, it can be useful.
I had spoke to the one person (at the time last year not sure if it has changed) who had a AI reg foal for AMHA she told me it was VERY costly for her as the mare owner thousands not even including the stud fee.

It took quite along time to get the mare to settle and she was using VERY experienced vet in repro work and AI.

It just like others have said hasnt proven to be viable in shipping semen
[SIZE=14pt]I have also been told that shipped semen has a very low viability in minis. There is only 1 shetland stallion that I know of that offers shipped semen . The stud fee was only 400. but my vet said there would probably be 800 in expenses in order to have conception.[/SIZE]


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