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If it is a shiba, may I buy the quilt? Is it just the pieced top? I can quilt it myself--love lap projects!
It's completed, but the quilting is very basic on it. Let me pull it out and double check which dog it is on that quilt. I have a second one as well, but all different dogs.
My sister has a shiba. I want it for her. If it is quilted already that is fine.
I was mistaken, top right is an Akita; the Shiba is bottom middle (it says "shiba inu love" on the block). I took another pic, I think it turned out better than the other one. The quilt is about 42"x42".


  • 2024 - dog panel pink and purple quilt - complete.jpg
    2024 - dog panel pink and purple quilt - complete.jpg
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Made a quilt with the other panels from the yard of fabric, this one is very simple and small, only 36x36" at the most. Boy was that panel bright.


  • 2024 - dog panel with green quilt.jpg
    2024 - dog panel with green quilt.jpg
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They are all elegant and ultrasuede just begs to be touched!

What size are they?
The stag is about 8" tall, not counting antler. Isn't this a great pattern? From Stacy Meade. I have another deer pattern, but this design is more elegant.
The ultra suede give a whole new look. Both are beautiful.
It's really hard to do the twig legs. I bring whole branches in to harvest 8 twigs.
I found this American Girl doll at the thrift store. Couldn't leave her. She had a few marks on her face and arms but really clean. Her hair was a mess, of course. I made her a dress and underwear and put her hair in a french braid--not sure what doll she is so I don't know how the hair was supposed to look.


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    AG doll.jpg
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She looks amazing!

I’m not positive, but believe you have ‘Elizabeth’, a Colonial era doll.
We purchased Elizabeth for our granddaughter one Christmas, when she was 8, and she is now 25!
Does she still have it?
I had a Pleasant Company doll, I believe Samantha? I made her a wardrobe of pretty clothes and gave her to grand daughters. Their mom purged her in one of their moves (she is a minimalist). The youngest daughter is not "girlie" and prefers to play with her brothers, so no doll-age children anymore. I wish they had asked me if I wanted her back.
I will look up Elizabeth and see how the hair is supposed to look. I did find out she was made before 2016 because of the way the head is attached. I've ordered her some socks and new shoes.

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