10 weeks old now

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Jun 3, 2004
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Brandon Manitoba
They're growing like weeds and showing their different personalities now.

Sable is very laid back, a stay at home puppy that loves attention and is very much a big clumsy puppy, tends to fall over her own big feet..


She likes to hang out with her friend and mentor, Lucy:


(That's Lucy's very ratty doghouse in the back; it needs a facelift, BADLY!)

Sable has an interest in getting into things....the brush tray in the barn, I've found a few of my brushes half way to the house, and I know they didn't walk there on their own. I think we've cured that. She also likes swiping cat food cans out of the recycling box on the deck....that has to stop very soon.

Then there is Lucky:



Lucky is smaller and more agile. Also more adventurous, she wants to head off to the next door neighbor's yard to play; I'm not sure what the attraction there is, but going off our property is strictly forbidden so we watch her closely when she is loose.

Overall, both are very good puppies. They are very smart and learn things very quickly. Both are good with our cats--a major plus--they tried to bother the cats some the first week they were here, but have now learned to leave them alone.

I'm just pleased that we've finally found a couple of good puppies--these are keepers!!!
Precious!!! That second pic of Sable makes me want to kiss that little round head and that big fat puppy nose!!!

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