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  1. Stripe13

    Show spiciness

    So I just got back from a show, and I did pretty well with my little mare! However she was also a little butt head XD During the show (especially in the warm up ring) she’d suddenly either jump in the air and kick out, buck while trotting, or just kind of jump to the side. She’d do this no...
  2. Stripe13

    Driving show clothes?

    So I’m planning on going to a schooling show this upcoming January with my mini, Jessica. I’m going to be showing in open pleasure harness and open judges command harness. The thing is, it’s going to be very cold. I know typically women who show in harness where dresses, however I definitely...
  3. Stripe13

    Driving style questions

    Hello all! I'm still kind of new to driving (only been driving for about 2 months now, luckily my horse already knows how to drive), so I have a few questions about driving in shows. I have seen all different styles of driving, from western country pleasure to roadster. my question is, what...
  4. Erickson Miniature Horses

    Show Clipping Poll

    How long before a show do you clip your horse?
  5. P

    Ashland OH Buckeye Spring Classic AMHR/ASPC/ASPR Show

    Buckeye Spring Classic AMHR/ASPC/ASPR Show Ashland OH June 13 & 14th 2015 Ashland County Fairgrounds 2042 Claremont Avenue Ashland, OH 44805 Grand Neck Sashes, Champion of Champion Embroidered Halter Bags, Youth/Amateur learning opportunities, Junior Judging Custom Embroidered Halter bags...
  6. Eohippus

    Cable Halters

    This summer I added two new horses to my group; a great mare with extensive driving and showing background and a wonderful stallion with a solid start in driving and a good show history (mainly halter). When showing my geldings, small stallion, and mare in halter I use the arabian style cable...
  7. bunni1900

    Show prep...Tips Please!

    Hello all! I am getting ready for my second AMHR show (first one showing my own horses). I am looking for any tips people can give me would be great! I have added pictures of the 3 I will be taking! The first is my Black Bay 2 year old stallion (Star) Second is my Buckskin Pinto 2 year Old...
  8. bunni1900

    2013 Great Falls, MT AMHR Show

    Who here is going to the AMHR show in Great Falls, MT the beginning of August??? Who are you showing and in what classes?
  9. bunni1900

    Scars...What to do for a show

    Hello again all! So I am preparing for showing my horses. Here is my question; My stallion is a DARK black bay who has no markings. BUT he has white hair on his legs where he used to have scars. My question is, what can I do about it for a show if anything? I know people dye bleached manes and...
  10. KLM

    NORCAL Miniature Spring Fling

    Hello everyone! I just want to let anyone in the NORCAL area know that we are having an AMHR show on Friday 4/12/13 and an AMHA show Saturday and Sunday 4/13/13 & 4/14/13 at Brookside Equestrian Park in Elk Grove. Post entries are accepted and Spectators are welcome. The show starts at 9:00 AM...
  11. bunni1900


    HELP! I am looking for the best TRAIL cart to start my mini with. I am at a loss! I will have to save up no matter what but I really need some help! Any and all input is appreciated!
  12. D

    New at showing

    Hi, We are new to showing minis. My 8 yr old niece made it to the 4 h state show with her yrling production baby. Any advice with set up, grooming, what to do with her crazy tail, how to keep her fit with out hurting her tiny legs, any info would be wonderful.
  13. D

    timber ridges velvet sugar baby

    The baby mini we got at the auction in Oct. made it to the 4h state show!!
  14. minihingstar

    My new stallion is finally home :D

    After a long wait is he finally home. And I'm totally love him <3 He's such a sweetheart and social. His breeder took him to the show i was at this weekend so I'd showed him in some classes. Neither him ore I had been on shows before and trained. But we'd got a second place at Novice and amateur...
  15. F

    Rule Change Proposal - process and input?

    So I'd like to put a rule change proposal in, but not sure how to do so (AMHR), and not sure if it maybe has been discussed before and not done for some reason. In Showmanship, I think it would be better if the pattern were worked from the gate, and the exhibitors would be released after the...
  16. Craig

    Everybody's Barn - A Children's Show

    Howdy, Hope this is the right place to be posting this... I just wanted to let everyone who'd be interested know that I've got a children's show I've been working on called "Everybody's Barn". The show is non-profit, and stars three of my miniature horses, Bow, Arrow and Ivy. I've been...
  17. S

    Help Interpreting AMHA World Show Qualifying - Points

    Can someone please help me understand the required qualifying points for the Amateur Level 1 Senior Mare Class? Maybe it's always been listed this way in the rule book, but the 2012 version is the first time I've noticed it. It's on page 165. I noticed this is not the only class listed in this...