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  1. Pony.Mom

    What do you feed your ponies for feed?

    Wondering what everyone feeds their minis. From foal to senior? I just picked up a bag of Valley Flax and CFS Elevate for my 2 seniors. Plus they get free choice hay. Just wondering what everyone else feeds. Pictures of my 2 seniors just in hay alone for almost 3 years. 
  2. Q

    Feeding The Senior Horse

    I have some questions about feeding a senior mini forage. The vet wants me to start getting him used to soaked hay, pellets, cubes or another "hay subsitute" (because his back teeth are getting pretty low and he possibly has dust allergies). I've tried feeding him soaked hay for several years...
  3. J

    Suggestions for older arthritic mare

    I've got a 28 year old mare who is just showing the signs of old age. She is particularly stiff in one back leg. Since it has started to get cold, I can really tell she is "stove up". I put her on one dose of banamine daily for the last 4 days, but, of course, don't want to keep her on it...