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  1. thathorsecrazychick

    Fun competition?

    How could we do a fun challenge on this forum for all minis for all levels. A costume contest? Obstacles? I thought it might be fun. Don’t know what details to figure out. Thought it could be fun but don’t know if anyone would want to be interested.
  2. thathorsecrazychick

    Harness help!

    Ok I will post pics in a couple days… but the harness I have for Rosie does mostly fit. I need to figure out the shaft loops and the I need to modify my traces to the cart I currently have which has a hook attachment. Do you think that I could get new shaft loops that are smaller? I feel like...
  3. pondfire.farm

    I can't wait till he is home!

    Hi, I've bought my first mini horse! I can hardly wait to bring him home in another week! He is a five-year-old gelding and I think he is cute as a button (don't we all think that?) . I bought my trailer last week (nothing like getting the horse before the trailer, huh?) I'm hoping to take...