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  1. paintponylvr

    Another pair - more ground driving - page 3

    On Friday, I hooked up this pair for the 2nd time for ground driving work as a pair. Now, both Ami (4 yr old mare) and Cupid (4 yr old gelding) have had about 4 months of intensive ground handling (Cupid actually since birth) and introduction to harness and driving single. Ami has been hitched...
  2. paintponylvr

    another PLOW DAY

    Very LONG story - grab your favorite drink and sit a spell... ************ So... things weren't going completely right that morning. I hadn't found paperwork that hubby swore he tossed into the rear seating of the cab. I was going crazy looking for it - realized I was running late and headed...
  3. MajorClementine

    Ground Driving through town

    This weekend is a HUGE festival for our town. It's called Swiss Days and it's a giant 2 day craft fair (for lack of a better term). There are hundreds of vendors, food, entertainment, and huge crowds. The town is crazy busy getting ready for it and I live only 1/2 a block away from "ground...
  4. targetsmom

    Ground driving horse show classes?

    Most of our 4-H members are quite interested in learning to drive and since only a few have riding experience I figured that ground driving was a good intermediate goal. Of course, at this point we only have one mini that drives (and isn't a stallion which the 4-Hers aren't allowed to work...