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  1. Minidreamz0581

    Rosie and the Clippers...

    As little Miss Muffet Sat on her tuffet Her winter fur tried to stay But momma said no That it had to go She would clip it all away But something went wrong The clippers weren’t strong It turns out they weren’t very tough The process went on For very very long And Miss Muffet had enough So...
  2. Erickson Miniature Horses

    Show Clipping Poll

    How long before a show do you clip your horse?
  3. bunni1900

    Show prep...Tips Please!

    Hello all! I am getting ready for my second AMHR show (first one showing my own horses). I am looking for any tips people can give me would be great! I have added pictures of the 3 I will be taking! The first is my Black Bay 2 year old stallion (Star) Second is my Buckskin Pinto 2 year Old...
  4. hsrascal

    Clipping vs. Shedding naturally to determine color?

    I clipped my yearling, and now I'm wondering if I should have waited for a natural shed. It's been grossly hot and I knew he was suffering but I have a dilemma. I can't figure out what color he is and I would like to send in his papers soon. He has a lot of gray hairs in his coat, but is...
  5. lcwallis

    Exercise Clip? In Cooler Weather...

    How do you clip your mini for the first clip when there are mild days but cool nights? I don't want to leave all the hair on because they sweat then don't dry by the time it gets cold at night.. We do our exercising after work about 4 - 5 I usually clip belly, flanks, neck for the first clip...