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  1. jventresca

    DIY Axle Draft

    MajorClementine asked if anyone had changed the draft on a cart from the single tree at shaft height to an axle draft. I did this with a Meadowbrook cart. This cart had heavier springs than the normal Meadowbrook. I hung two straps from the crosspiece (located on the shafts near the body of...
  2. MajorClementine

    What do you Drive?

    I am really into all the different horse drawn vehicles that are out there. I had no idea! I've found everything from an basic EE cart to a mini stagecoach. Show off what you drive with your minis (if you drive larger horses show those vehicles too). This is what we will (hopefully) be driving...
  3. M

    AMHA showing question

    In AMHA can you show in an easy entry cart for single pleasure, classic pleasure, and country pleasure? Also, what would be the most suitable outfit for an easy entry cart. Would the outfit be the same for each of the classes? or would your outifit depend on the class.
  4. M

    looking into purchasing a new cart / carriage

    Hi, I have a easy entry cart but am looking for anew cart /carriage would like to be able to give my grand children a ride to and to maybe some day in the near future hook a team too I looked at a few the trail boss and than the smart cart . I am on a budget as we all are but would like a...