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  1. D

    Sticker Project!

    I have a cricut and some free time, would anyone be interested in personalized vinyl stickers for feed buckets, etc.? Just wanting to gauge interest and a reasonable price to offer them at before making a more official posting! Attached is an example, I have a variety of backgrounds/fonts/colors...
  2. Shari

    Rose the Kitten

    I wanted to work on some Art. Rose the kitten, makes it a bit ....ah.. Challenging. Even though I haven't finished the two other paintings I am working on... (they are big enough I need to use my Art desk) Decided to do a pen and ink of Rose, chewing on one of her toys. Even with Rose...
  3. Shari

    Bell P59 Fighter WIP

    Figured I would post an update on the Bell P 59 fighter I am working on. Or should say, trying to find time to work on it. Seems like all I do lately is mow the grass. :P Added the under color to the lower red stripes, working on the wings and under body more. At this rate will take me...
  4. Debby - LB

    Post Your Arts and Crafts Holiday Items for sale Here

    This topic is for miniature horse talk members to list photos and short text about the handmade art and craft items they offer for sale. Please read: List items that you personally make and offer for sale. Don't mention price, terms, options, taking orders, shipping, availability etc. in your...