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    Barn & Bed Down Photos! Where do your horses live?

    Puck standing outside the barn.
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    We're live on YouTube!

    Diane, We normally put more bedding down and started with a lot of bedding initially. But the store we buy shavings from changed brands, which started making poor Becca cough. Now we make sure the shavings are on the side for her that she uses as a bathroom and we sweep up the dust from the...
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    We're live on YouTube!

    Please login to YouTube and give our cam a "like" at and send your friends to watch, too We're trying to show The Pet Collective that miniature horses are the coolest pets around. They contracted with us to broadcast our mare Becca's birth of her foal on YouTube. We're trying to...
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    Watching a Maiden Mare on foaling cam

    Classy is getting really close to foaling. All the signs are there except one, which maiden mares, like her, have been known to foal without (a full udder/bag) I could use help keeping an eye on her, or chatting with people to stay awake while keeping an eye on her. You can go to the cam at this...
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    First foal of 2012 Little Hooves Moonlight Sonata

    I waited to announce his arrival until I had his genetic tests results back. But please welcome my new colt to the world - a stunning, handsome double dilute cremello pinto that tested homozygous for tobiano! He carries one copy of the agouti gene and is going to be a color producer. He is a son...
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    Our new Bandito baby!

    He's just so adorable, Laurie
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    G.L.E.E. IS HERE!!! Watch LIVE!!!! BID LIVE!!

    In my case, it made it worth it because I have to add shipping costs! But I am happy
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    Little Hooves cam - Becca may foal tonight! Super Moon Baby?

    Oh boy is she ever! She tested ready at 3:30pm and has been dripping milk. Her mood has changed and she has fallen into her pattern of "scratch, eat, stand" repeat - before she foals. Only a matter of hours.
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    Little Hooves cam - Becca may foal tonight! Super Moon Baby?
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    Mini mare's hoofs trimmed incorrectly by farrier - need help

    My husband is a very good barefoot trimmer (not certified, although attended school and didn't graduate due to the organization breaking in two after he finished his last semester). He has always researched and gone to great lengths to help out minis and their hooves. They have the most complex...
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    Miniature Horse T-shirts

    I've been thinking about making some t-shirts for YEARS and finally I took this weekend to get around to completing a few. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on them, so what does everyone think? Which do you like most? Visit my facebook page!
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    AMHA progeny closing ?

    I called the former AMHA president, and yes, progeny is also closing. The whole hardship section is being removed and nothing can come in after 2013.
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    You're talking about a RINGER! Yeah, I have a good suggestion that I'd like to see a registry adopt. It would be costly up front, though, so it might never happen - but it would certainly put a stop to this ringer in the show "bid'ness." It's called microchipping.