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    Tick protection

    Hi, I haven't been on here in ages!! I am so glad to see the forum is still thriving! I have a question: What does everyone use for a tick deterrent? I have 15 minis and wonder if the Equi-Spot that is made for big horses would be ok for the minis. Or any other ideas that work! Thank you!!
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    Nutrena Feeds, a good choice?

    Thank you all so much for your advice and opinions! My feed dealer thinks I should try the Triumph line. Maybe I should ask about the Safe Choice line.
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    Nutrena Feeds, a good choice?

    I have been feeding Agway Superior 12% to my minis for years and years and I have never had any issues. They look good, and are happy year round. Well, Agway just discontinued this line and will now carry Nutrena Feeds. I would like others' opinions on whether I should switch or travel farther...
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    My new Appaloosa !!

    Thank you To update, financially I wasn't able to register him with AMHA/R, but did register him in a little known registry ISHR and he was already with WCMHR. These registries aren't your rated registries, but it gives the horse owner paperwork showing his lineage and ancestry heights and...
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    My new Appaloosa !!

    Hi Gayze! Now that was a surprise email! Your Kestral is a pretty girl and yes, related to my boy. I tried to see your profile picture larger, but it wouldn't let me. I am "friends" with Outback Miniatures on Facebook, so I do know who they are. I love the appaloosas', too. I have more pics of...
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    Miniature Horse World Magazine

    Rhonda, Maybe you could email AMHA and let them know you haven't received any issues. They are very prompt at replying. Could be they got the address listed wrong.....
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    Miniature Horse World Magazine

    Thanks, Debby!! I am pretty proud of Luke and Bentley! They are quite the characters on the farm!! To answer other's questions: Yes, you can be an AMHA member by paying the $65 fee which includes the magazine subscription, even if you currently don't own an AMHA registered horse. Visit...
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    Miniature Horse World Magazine

    Thank you!! YES, I got it today!! I am so excited, because my stallion and farm dog are in the article "Zany Stories" I had thought my renewal crossed in the mail, and I missed it.
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    Miniature Horse World Magazine

    Has anyone received their June/ July Miniature Horse World magazine yet? Thank you
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    Silver Buckskin

    My mare is a silver buckskin pinto. This was taken 10 days after her clip. I have a lot of compliments on her color. I love every variation of the buckskin colors. The silver gene will add bi-colored hooves or some say striped.
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    Time for some fun during this dreary winter..or advice!

    Yes, how could I forget treats and hay!! Now, the tooth caps......that's a good one And finding one at your work........very interesting.
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    Time for some fun during this dreary winter..or advice!

    Items you always have in your barn jacket pockets!! Thought this could be fun to share. Non horsey people may think we are a little crazy Hoofpick scissors baing twine mini flashlight screws electrical tape
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    Gas Colic in Gelding

    Another idea would be to throw an apple slice in his water, making it more appealing. I gave mine a pail of cool water in addition to his heated bucket. I have even put a cup of apple juice in my gelding's water when he was acting colicy. Having a salt block always available is good, too. As...
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    2 !!!