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    Ha! My friend has the same problem, but it is her teenage SON who leaps onto the couch with the denim quilt! It seemed to be a pretty hot comodity last winter; everyone fought over it because of its' heavy warmth. I wanted to add...the reason I advise to lay-flat-to-dry is because the DRYER...
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    I made a denim/flannel quilt for a friend and it turned out great! I'm now saving Wrangler jeans for my OWN denim (raggedy or frayed-edge) quilt and I'm stock-piling *other* jeans for a denim quilt for my husband. I have advised my friend to wash in the gentle cycle and try to lay-flat to dry...
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    My Breyerfest results!

    I've collected models since 1974, starting with the Proud Arabian Foal. I now have over 250 models, but I don't know ANYTHING about showing them. Do you have to repaint or reposition them? Do they get shown in original finish only? Do you customize them? Tell me what you can about showing...
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    Breeding Blue roans

    I do not know the technical reasons, but this is how I understand it... You must have one roan parent to get a roan foal, but you would only get roan 50% of the time, even when breeding to two roans. There are no homozygous roan foals, because they are always lost before pregnancy can be...
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    David's 11th Birthday

    This is so funny! Saturday I picked up the book I requested at my local library...titled: "And Miles To Go"! I had read it in grade school and wanted to read it again. I also picked up at the library today, a book about the Lipizzans but it is not the type of book I was after. This book...
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    Water Heater

    Ah...but those lights ARE designed to be used underwater. Key word here being "designed". Flood lamps and most other bulbs are NOT. Heidi
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    big horse people...I have a question

    "Collection is round, gathered, pushing through from the hindquarters..." I thought that was what I was seeing her do when she was cantering. She did not appear all strung out, she was keeping her hind legs under herself and moving nicely. I do understand that her jog was just a jog and that...
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    big horse people...I have a question

    Your daughter is a GOOD rider and Kya is carrying herself and her rider just fine. I could not see any excessive pastern sink, even at the canter. Your daughter has a good seat, not bouncing all over and at the canter she casually raised her hand to tuck back her hair...that speaks of...
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    What would you do with....

    A firend of mine collected them, and also collected the holiday ones (all holidays) and she pulls them out for each holiday and puts them on her mantle. The rest of her collection is on a shelf around the top of her bedroom on display. Heidi
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    David's 11th Birthday

    Wow! That would be wonderful, but tell him not to put himself out...I'm sure I'll eventually be able to track down a book. I just wanted to know more in depth about it than what they said at the Performance I attended. There was something about the Germans had the horses, Russia was moving in...
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    David's 11th Birthday

    I think that is great! Every boy needs a dog and it sounds like Churchill has opened a new way for him to release tension and have positive results at school. I recently met Gen. George Patton's grandson (George Patton-Waters) at the Vienna Lipizzan Stallion tour of America last weekend. The...
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    big horse people...I have a question

    Balance is a key issue. Think of the difference of picking up a child when it is awake and 'helping' you and when it is asleep and a 'dead weight'. If a rider is balanced and 'helps' the horse rather than lolling all over it, I don't think weight is much of an issue. It is far more...
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    The 2006 Breyers

    2006 Breyers? Early ordering? Anyone have a link they can post? Heidi
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    How many put their horses out in cold waether?

    I agree that livestock does fine during winter days as long as the wind isn't screaming. It is good for them to get fresh air. What it sounds like to me, is your father is having trouble with his limitations and would like to be in control of something, even if he can't control himself...
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    color genetics question

    I would think so... My filly Q is the only buckskin out of 6 pairings of her sire/dam that resulted in all 5 other foals being palomino. Dam was a red dun (chestnut or sorrel/dun) and sire was a perlino. Ordinarily, you'd think the agouti came from the perlino (being that perlino is a double...