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Dec 1, 2002
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Nova Scotia, Canada
This is my four year old gelding, Shooter's, first time being ridden.

I am so proud of this young horse. He is just getting trained to harness this summer as well.

This young man came to visit with his grandmother the other day; and Shooter and he got on famously.
I do, however, wish his grandmother had taken a "complete" picture.
She kept waiting to "click" until they were too close.

You know, that is so great but as a mom of a horse crazy youngster once... may I gently suggest him wearing a helmet?(even a bike helmet is better than none) I can't tell you how many times she got bucked off not because of anything she or the horse did wrong but silly things..a bird flew under her horse...off she went...an electric transformer popped..off she went...a car back fired..off she went.

I just want that big smile on his face and in your voice to stay there. Both good looking boys! That is a very specila gelding being so great his first time. Shows how well he is loved and cared for that he trusts.
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Yes, I know all about helmets, and this was a very rare time. I was about two inches out of this picture, just long enough for it to be taken, ready to scoop him off if Shooter moved. Other than that, I was leading from the side, and had my arm around the boy.

I always make sure the kids that come here for a drive, or lesson, wear their helmets, and it was good for you to pick this up. I did have a reservation about posting this picture for this same reason, but my "want-to" overcame my common sense.
I love it. They look great.

I really love the show bridle and nice saddle and pad too. Very pretty turned out horse you have there. Cheers!
Love that bridle! And it's a perfect picture
I've been looking for a black leather and silver for Buddy for 4-H but he seems to have a bigger head than most..

Bought a beautiful one and got it (off Ebay) and it fit SHortcakes tiny head! Guess I'd better go back out and measure. That boy has a long head.!

Please do not think I intended an criticism ok? I had a feeling being that the legs were cut off someone was "right there". I suggest these things to help everyone. Again, I'd be mighty proud of that gelding also.

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