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Must have hit the wrong key. Any way the pics above is of my grandaughter and her first sanctioned driving event. She did very well being only 7 . Out of a class of six older drivers she placed 2 seconds and a third. Scout is pretty stocky to be a halter horse but he also did well for her in showmanship. The collage was made by shortnsassystables here on the forum. She really has tallent and has taken some excellent pictures of my animals and family
That is a wonderful picture!!!! Something you'll treasure for years because it has really captured the moments in her show. Your grandaughter is one serious and happy little competitor. Congrats!

Our grandaughter shows with us and it is a great experience to watch her grow and learn. One wall of our tack room is covered with show photos from different years, along with a few ribbons!, and it is a joy for us to walk in and see those pictures from past years.
Thats great!! Congrats!!

I want a collage!!
Looks great!


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