Will a preg. mare try to breed???

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Jan 9, 2005
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I'm really new with pregnant mares. I brought one home last week that was reportedly due any day now. She is quite a porker as well (I've been reading posts about the risks of overweight mares.) Anyway, she'd been standing outside my stallion pen and today, she stood for him to try to breed. (he didn't, but she looked like she wouldn't have minded) Did I get bamboozled and she isn't pregnant, or is she just hormonally confused?
[SIZE=14pt]I have had a bred mare that didnt look bred stand for an entire week for breeding and then two months later deliver a full term colt! They can and often do show heat and even stand to be bred.[/SIZE]

Not to worry.....very typical with some mares. My friend's mare stood for a stallion and foaled a couple weeks later. Guess the hormones make her feel like she's "all that" when a handsome guy's around!

Best of luck.

Thanks for your replies! She is quite a hefty girl, but I'm pretty sure now that she is pregnant. One less worry thanks to you!

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