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Feb 17, 2007
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We have a show coming up this weekend and I read in the "Best of..." forum about using the effervescent denture cleaners to whiten the tails. Has anyone tried this? Does it work? I've used Quic Silver shampoo but it could still use a little more brightening.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

P.S.-Does anyone have a list of all their show grooming essentials? There are some partial ones on the Best of Forum. Thanks.
I have not tried this! Someone told me to use Grandma's Blueing. Add a little to your shampoo. Apparently they said it was was a blue bottle sold in the same row with the laundry soap. I don't know how it would be on their skin or how harsh or mild it is.

You have to be really careful with that bluing stuff!!! You can use too much and get a very strange colored tail

If its really bad I use tide with bleach. You must moisturize afterwords as it is drying, but it will take out the yellow.

I show a lot of pinto's so always have white chalk handy to touch up tails and legs and pinto spots. That chalk can work wonders

Pepi coat shine

Miracle Groom

Ultra face shine

Hoof black

Hoof shine
There is also a white spray in an aerosol can that is great for a touch up.

I think Shapely's is the name. I got it from Neverending Ranch Tack Shop in Teeswater, Ontario.

Contact Kelli at Neverendings, and she can help.
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I have had a box for a couple of years but have not tried it yet. Let me know if it works please.
Since 1986 I have tried about everything mentioned on this forum through the years....
............. Even showed a horse with a lavender mane & tail one year because I could not get all of the bluing out........ I finally convinced Lee that the best treatment was to keep the tail wrapped so we shall see when he takes his shetlands white tail down.
well if it works please let us know!

every one of my 6 horses has a white tail, 4 of which I plan to show in one thing or another. :DOH! (well the girl in my avatar has half a white tail, close enough)

Or, rather I should say, they all have brown tails but SHOULD have white tails.
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Oh My! I am glad to know about the danger of making lavender tails. Thank you so much.

Yikes. Though I bet lavender was kinda pretty.

Try oxyclean in the laundry section- Make up the paste and put it in the tail and leave it in for about 5 mins. then run a little water on to the tail to delute the paste and leave on another couple of minutes and it will be bright and white!! Well atleast it worked for me. You will need to condition but its not too bad as far as drying the tail out.
I've used the pet stain remover for carpeting with good success. I've also used the "Resolve" carpeting cleaner.
Last year I tried everything, Tide with bleach, Wisk, blueing shampoo (which tinted the tails blue), whitening tail shampoo, everything, then I had enough and went into the laundry room and got the Oxyclean foaming stain remover, comes out of the sprayer in a foam. left it on for 10 minutes or so rinsed really well and it was amazing how clean it came, after all of those other cleaners you could still see all the yellowy gook rinse out
, i condition well after and they were beautifully WHITE! didn't seem to dry out the tail either
I've not tried it on tails, but my niece's 4-H horse has 4 high socks. At the show we sprayed them with Shout stain remover and let it sit for a few minutes, used a small brush and gently "scrubbed" for a minute then hosed them off and they were so glaringly white that I had to put my sunglasses on just to look at them
. I'll bet it would work fabulously on white tails. I think I'll add that to my shopping list.

Ha! I was thinking the same thing!

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I did spend the $4.00 and bought some so I'll try the denture cleaner just because I'm curious. Hey, I wonder if the denture cleaner would work on the hard water deposits on the water buckets?

If that doesn't work well on the tails, I'll try the Oxy Clean and try the denture cleaner on the buckets.

(I almost left some of the Quic Silver in Billy's tail...luckily I noticed it before long and got it all out! :DOH!)
For tails and stubborn stains I've found that one of the liquid kitchen cleaners (like Soft Scrub, liquid Comet, etc.) works wonders on my big leopard. You can see in my avatar that there's lots of white to work with.
Also for his show bath I always use one of the blue shampoos (for women) - supposed to help whiten our grey - anyway it's good on white horses too.
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