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Jul 21, 2004
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Kingsport, Tn
I'm wanting to get involved with a pony breed. I currently have minis, a donkey, paso fino and oversized mini mare. Since going thru my divorce, I want to distance myself from the paso fino show world, his family has been a well known breeders and trainers in pasos for years. I love my minis but I think I would enjoy showing and promoting a pony breed. I was thinking about the classic Shetland, Fell or Dartmoor. I like a very natural breed with a good temperment. Does anyone have any suggestions or first hand knowledge?
[SIZE=14pt]Classic Shetlands are my second horse of choice. In fact 4 of my minis are also shetlands![/SIZE]

I'm a sucker for the Classic Shetlands, Foundation Division. But the other two breeds you mentioned are also lovely. I think the Shetland is more affordable and widely available than Fells and Dartmoors though.

Ya gotta post pics when you make your choice, regardless of breed!
I like the American Shetlands......this registry is so diversified...from pet to show, I love them all...Classic, Modern, and Foundation.....also, you have the American Show Pony and the National Show Pony coming out of this registry.......plus, there is always a market for them....whether you are selling or buying......

The other breeds are nice, but not the most recognized......if you are wanting to show, there are probably more shows available to choose from....

Good luck in your search and be sure and let us see pics of the horse you decide upon and what breed it is....!!!!!!!
We went from hunter jumpers to miniatures in 86 & then started our herd of classic shetlands 3 years ago. We are downsizing our mini's to 2 broodmares & one or two show mini's. Lee & I really like the shetland look & that is where our main interest is going to be now. They are growing in popularity every year.
It depends on what you want to do.......if you want to do lots of showing then shetlands might be your best bet.....however if you want to also ride then Welsh, Fell, Dartmoor, might more to your liking....If you are into color there are the POA and they tend to have a fair amount of shows...If you like flash and pizazz there are the hackney's and ASPR.......they all have their followers.......also there are quarter ponies if you are quarter enthusiast......If gaited is your thing try Icelandics in fact Shari on the forum has one.......fjords are cool.......so many choices so little time
Thanks everyone!
I'm really leaning toward the foundation Classic shetlands. I've been trying to find breeders that are a couple hours drive from me (east Tennessee) but I haven't had any luck. Is there anyone that you can recommend?
wendy4mini said:
Thanks everyone!
I'm really leaning toward the foundation Classic shetlands.  I've been trying to find breeders that are a couple hours drive from me (east Tennessee) but I haven't had any luck.  Is there anyone that you can recommend?

Don't know of anyone in your area, but there are quite a few breeders in OH (including myself!) which is a long but reasonable drive. I believe there are also some Classic breedings in Florida area. Check out the Breeders list on the ASPC site.

I believe the Area III show is in GA (??) next year and they will have Shetland classes there. Unless you want to get something right away, that might be a good chance to meet some Classic breeders in your Area.
[SIZE=14pt]Wendy I just made a transfer of horses with a Sparta TN young lady. We met in Wythville VA at the Flying J it was only 4 hours drive for eack of us..... I have some Foundations and classics in fact I have an awesome Classic mare in foal to a hall of fame stallion for sale right now. Check out my web site. If you like what you see lets talk. Am also expecting 3 foundation foals next spring. Youre not as far away from everyone as you think![/SIZE]

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