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Apr 14, 2005
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East Central Wisconsin
Is there a page out there that tells when all miniature shows are held and where?? I have no clue when shows are until I see on here "SEE RESULTS!!" and by then it's too late!! Where can I find where the shows are?!? Thanks!
For AMHR sanctioned shows go to http://www.shetlandminiature.com.html

Click on events and then click on 2005 shows.

or try area mini club websites like http://www.miniatureequine.com/mmhc/events.html (MN is fairly close to you?) They have some AMHA shows yet coming up in the near future.

Iowa shows are pretty much over, I think to enter at this date. But there is the IA State Fair AMHR show to come watch Aug. 14-16. for exact times go to iowastatefair.org and follow links.

Oh, I take that back, in Sept. there is a sanctioned AMHR show at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, IA so still time to enter that show.

Check your WI mini clubs, try JeanB's link page for those web addy's or ask here on forum about shows in Wisconsin yet this summer.

Hope this helps
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