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Jan 7, 2007
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central florida
We went to a show in February with one horse and another in March with six. The resharpened blades I had are all shot now. Our local pet supply, feed stores and tractor supply seem pretty high on blades (all over $20 and some around $30. Blade wash is around $6. Tractor Supply had a special of show sheen for somewhere in the neighborhood of $8. Lots of us are going to be clipping for warm weather if not for shows soon. Anyone know of any great deals out there?
Check out Sally's beauty supply for blade wash and kool lube and clipper oil. You can sometimes find clipper oil at walmart.

Blades always have been expensive, 20-30 is what I've been paying for them.

Most online stores I go to have blades pretty cheap, most under $20. Try Horse.com, the Andis blades are really great and I think they are $16 each.

Paying retail sucks.

I recently purchased Double K's and blades from Forth Worth Shaver. My double K's had to be drop shipped to me from California as they were out of stock and I was charged nothing for shipping as Forth Worth Shaver advertises free shipping. The Andis and Oster Blades were both under $20.00. Very happy with them.

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