When to clip black and chestnut??

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Oct 21, 2003
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I have been working really hard this year to keep my black colt out of the sun so he wont sunburn, (he only goes out at night) He is the first black I have ever owned and we body clipped him in the spring to get rid of his wolly fluff, but he was kinday a grey, grullo color when we did it. How soon before a show should I body clip him so that he is black?? Is it a lost cause? If he would be a weird color anyway how soon before the show so that his coat will look nice? Same with the chestnuts, how soon before the show so that the coat is soft not prickley?? Any tips to help me out will really help save my babies from an embarrasing bad hairdo!!!
Nobody ever believes me but the key to a good black horse is to clip, clip, clip. The more clipping you do the blacker they will be. When my black gelding wasnt retired from the show ring, I clipped him 1-2 days before a show and he was jet black.
with my sorrel chestnut type thing, I clip him 3-4 days before a show, and he turns this palomino color. Although if I don't clip him, he looks just fine and then he is a red color.
Clip a small test spot on the horses you are unsure of how soon before a show to clip. Then just wait and see how long it takes for that test spot to get to the color you want. That may give you a good idea on how long to clip before a show. I think alot depends on each horse. Our black Mini gelding needed to be clipped a good 3 weeks before a show to get back his jet black color. Our black and white pinto mare can be clipped the day before a show because she is as black unclipped as she is clipped. Our chestnut Mini usually gets clipped 2 weeks before a show. I clipped my DARK chestnut filly and she clipped out a silver dapple 2 months ago and I am still waiting for the chestnut hair to come back
Not looking like it's going to happen, so I'd reccomend doing a test spot first. I'd say a good average(or atleast one that has worked for us) is 2 weeks to be on the safe side. If they don't change color, we usually clip just a few days before a show.

One trainer told us to clip with a 7 blade instead of 10 at least a week before on the black colors. That holds your color better. Also try some baths with baby oil and warm water as that really brings out the black shine.

I am open to suggestions on chestnuts. My mare does not clip in with true gold chestnut hair until last show of the season each year. She does color out better if out in the sun as much as possible. Chestnut seem to have fine piggy hair come in instead of nice soft coloring?
im telling ya the more you clip the better the color. All of my past show horses would get clipped 5-7 time if possible before the first show. Clip them every week for awhile. THen you can clip them as close to a show as you like.

My opinion is if you have to clip them 2 weeks before a show what is the point of even clipping them?

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