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Jul 29, 2005
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Percilla Texas
Okay, please don't tell me how stupid this is,,,,

I have this really awful cold, allergy attack or something that has had me in bed for two days.

For some reason, while I was out feeding and giving kisses tonight I started wondering if something like this could be transmitted to my horses, if I am contagious.

I realize this may sound weird, but my sheltie has a runny nose too.

What do ya'll think.
[SIZE=14pt]That's not a stupid question at all!
If it's an allergy then I don't think you can pass it on to anyone, horse, dog or human! Remember, that there are no stupid questions when it comes to the health of your horses!

Not sure of the truth of it, but was told by the vet years ago, that most viruses we have are species specific, but there are a few that could be spread to the horses. Not sure which ones, but if it is allergies I wouldn't worry. And animals can have allergies too so your dog may be sensitive to the same allergen as you and therefore the runny nose. Hope you feel better soon
Can't answer that but I have a fungus underneath my two thumb nails & one finger for over six months now. The doctor thinks I may have gotten it from my horse that had the dermatitis problem.
According to both our human doctor(s) and our vet(s) allergies are specific to the individual mammal and viruses are species specific -- as posted before.

No, it's not a stupid question, as Cathy just pointed out regarding the dermititus. Also, when a horse has salmonella or strangles -- we won't "get" it , but we can still carry it on our person to another horse. So, no -- not a stupid question at all.

A very few things can cross infect- called Zoonoses (zoo-oh-no-sees) (And could whoever told me how to get an umlaut out of my keyboard please tell me again??
) Ringworm is one of them! The term "ringworm" covers a number of true Ringworm fungi and also a number of related ones that do not respond to the ultra violet light test. Athletes foot is one of the related ones (Which also means of course that YOU can infect your horse!!- or Dog, or Cat) I treat these fungi when and if they occur with the Athletes foot ointment you can get at the Chemist. There are a couple of other things- like Anthrax and Rabies- that can cross infect as well, but very few. Allergies cannot cross infect either outside or inside the species, so you cannot even give the allergy to your children, although they can inherit the weakness that causes them.
The only animal I know that can get human sickness are Lemers. So that kinda stinks as it hard to leave Tiki alone when your sick.

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