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Okay I am now begging laughs. We really really need some volunteers to get on committees and just help in general. There is so much more we could be doing but with such few people it just cant get done. Foaling and show season is coming up which is a busy time for everyone. But its also the best time to promote CMHR and get the word out. Most of the help we need right now can be done just over the internet, phone and mail.

Id really really like to get someone in charge of advertising and promotion. I know we could be getting free ads and articles but no one has time to contact various publications and sites and makeup the ads

Fundraising also is desperate for help. We have offers of new fundraisers coming in and i really need help keeping track of all of them and following up

WE are also looking for someone to takeover or help update our website.

Please let me know if you can help!!!

Yes i should have made that clear sorry! you do have to be a current member of CMHR. If you joined from jan on you are good until 2005. If you havent joined nows a great time!!! Its just 25.00 per year or 50.00 for a sponsor member and then you get a banner ad on our website. Our site is getting a ton of hits now as we have moved up in yahoo and google search as we are the only rescue dedicated only to minis!!!!!
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Let me know what I can do here in Ohio. I'll be more than happy to help out at a mini booth during our Equine Affaire the end of March.

Let me know!! Kristie (who is really computer illiterate so not much help there!)
Kay i am on limited funds and time right now but if Nila wants to let me know all of her Idaho rescue contacts ( Right now I only know of one i found on my own) I would be more then glad to keep in touch with them and remind them about CMHR- I know we have lots of horse affair type things going on here in ID in the next few months

I will do anything that I can. Course, there's really not much that I'm good at

I just can't ask for money, but I would be happy to have a table with info at shows that I'll be going to. Right now it looks like we may be going to Searcy, Ar and Claremore, OK. I was a sponsor, but need to pay this years membership. Will send it within the next couple of days. I live in Northwest Arkansas, if you can think of what I could do in this area, let me know.



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