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Sep 9, 2003
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New Jersey
A friend of mine has been breeding her solid bay mare to my pinto stallion and so far my stallion has produced a colt in 2004 and a filly in 2005. Both are adorable and black in color with huge blazes and blue eyes. But the yearling colt seems to have lacing on his BELLY
The weanling filly has a large white spot around her unbilical area and she is graying out very quickly. Now my question is this - what pattern is this lacing? What pattern is my stallion? Are these Sabino traits? Here are pictures:

Here is my stallion taken in 2003. His dark gray areas have faded to white now. I decided to post this picture so you can see what his markings really are.


Here is his yearling colt:


And here is his belly lacing:


It is hard to see in the pictures, but he also has some white hairs right around his stifle area on both sides.

Any ideas?


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....hhhmmm..I don't know, looks like a zipper to me...ha ha ha ha

.........sorry, couldn't help myself
That is really cool! Has he always had it or did it just start developing?
Shirley, he has always had it since birth. However, when he had his foal coat it just looked like a white stripe down his belly. Kind of like a reverse skunk.
But now that he shed his foal coat, this is what it looks like. I took these pictures of him this evening. His full sister from this year so far has a large white spot around her umbilical area. So I guess my stallion likes to keep his markings down below on his foals.


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Not to be noisy or anything but what is your stallions name he looks exactly like my stallion (as far as conformation and the shape of his face) Mine is a medicine hat though. your stalllion is gorgeous.

Gray is a dominant color and any foal that has at least one gray parent in theory will begin to turn gray themselves as they age, my teacher at school had a sorrel then four years later he turned into the most beautiful steel gray horse you have ever seen, my black mare is doing the same thing only along her back, she is actually a dun but over the past 7 months she had turned into what looks like a blanket appaloosa, so I guess she is turning gray as well.
Well, I am no color expert but...I have a yearling that has similar markings and I thought it was Sabino. I was told by someone who is a color expert, Barbara Naviaux, Miniature Horses, Thier Care, Breeding and Coat Colors, author, that she believed my colt to be a silver bay minimal tobiano. He also has these markings in his flank and down his spine.


I am facinated but easily confused by color.

Here is my colts belly early this spring when I first clipped him and noticed them.


Here he is a couple weeks ago. Hard to see any color at all in this picture though.

Wow, I love his belly pattern, sort of looks like a decorative wallpaper strip!!!
It looks like sabino to me. I had a purebred arab who had the same markings. It ran in her sire lines.
What an incredibly neat marking!! (I love the zipper comment though.
) Your stallion is very striking with those blue eyes. Lovely!

bulletandlacy said:
Gray is a dominant color and any foal that has at least one gray parent in theory will begin to turn gray themselves as they age
Not true unless that gray parent is homozygous for gray. Check out the other gray/white thread currently up for a more complete explanation, but here's the short version: Gray IS dominant, yes. But it is a modifier gene that works on whatever the horse's basic coat color is. In the case of your teacher's horse, sorrel. Baby gets the normal coat color genetics from both parents and that determines their color. Then they either do or do not get the gray gene from that one parent in addition. If they DO, then yes, they turn gray as they age. But if they don't, that horse will stay the color he was born.

I agree with Sabino.
Sabino will cause roaning to various extents, depending on the horse. But the horse will not completely go white as a "Gray" horse will eventually.

Also, a foal who has 1 true gray parent will only have a 50/50 chance of inheriting that gray gene.
love that....he is just lovely. I would lean towards sabino but I am a doofus with color.
Thanks everyone! Bulletandlacey, my stallion's name is Haligonian Targets Uppin Adam. He is such a sweet little guy.

Hhpminis, thanks for the pictures. The spots on your little one are pretty neat looking also. Beautiful colt you have there.

So it seems that the lacing is a sabino trait. I am so confused on these pinto patterns.
So what makes a sabino a sabino? I have read it over and over and I still just don't get it.
Would both the colt and filly having blazes and blue eyes indicate overo also?

Thanks everyone!


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