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Nov 30, 2002
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*Mike Rosauer personally handed feed, hay, water etc. and the Bradford's address to the United States Humane Society Disaster Services who said they would do everything possible to deliver.

* We have gotten some response from CNN and now know where the farm is located and are working with them to alert the Bradford's to the fact that we are trying to reach them..A girl - non horse owner who has no connection to us has friends that know Anderson Cooper. She helped me contact him.

This email is straight from Anderson Cooper, the reporter who did the story on the mini horses. He wrote:

" waveland mississippi...its easy to find once here....head to the water. The horses are at a home just on the north side of the destroyed part of the railroad track....the track is all twisted in one section ..mthe house is just north of there...nine mini horses are alive...if they get to waveland look for cnn vehicles we have a lot here...we can direct to house. "

* A gentleman that has access to the area and is on the way to his home in Waveland has contacted the AMHA and is working with us. He will check road conditions and make every effort to check on the Bradford's. He has some water and food for the Bradford's and will let us know if there is anything else we can do to help out. If it is possible to get in safely, a group is ready to leave as soon as possible and get horses and people out of the area.

I have lost count of phone calls - well over 500 and many more emails.


Alison Elrod

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American Miniature Horse Association

You guys are incredible!!!! I am proud to support this organization.


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