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Nov 30, 2002
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Anyone here ever use an oral supplement etc to help reduce allergy discomfort in horses...... A while back someone suggested Missing Link, Glanzen. Anyone else have any suggestions for anything out there that claims to help from the inside out?

One of my favorite mares apparently has allergies - to what the vet & I do not know.... Originally he thought she was allergic to fly bites. Occurs off & on throughout the year with resulting irritated skin, bumps, scabs etc all over her body. It gets worse when it is hot & humid - when she gets sweaty......................... Thinking of trying an oral supplement to try to heal from the inside out - not heal but try to alleviate the skin irritations..... Been dealing with this for over three years & have tried many topical shampoos & treatments. Currently using Mico Tek shampoo & spray (again)................. Have also tried BOSS & flax & changed her to oats only.
I have one poor lil mare who suffers from hives. Not often, only once or twice a year, and we have been unable to find the problem. I give her a tsp of "Heave-Aid" twice daily when it hits, and the hives disappear almost immediately. What it is, is an oral antihistimine. (sp?) I can sympathize with her, as I have the same problem; and must take benadryl shots and citrazine when mine hit.
My big paint horse gelding is really sensitive to bug bites. The vet gave me a jar of Tri-Hist Granules to keep on hand and it's quite effective and fast acting. It must be sweet, because they'll eat it right out of my hand.
keeper of the horses-- Do you know if the Tri hist is safe for pregnant mares?... Thanks for the replies.
I try to keep it as simple as possible. I had a filly last year that ended up being allergic to the alfalfa in her feed. We just used childrens benedryl.
you can give your horses beneadryl (not spelled right) . we have give it many times to help a horse with allergies etc.
I have a horse on Tri Hist now. It's an antihistimine/decongestant. Check with your vet as far as safety in pregnant mares. And like BobR, I have also used Benadryl and it seems to work.

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