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Apr 20, 2021
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Fort Worth, Texas
I NEED a bike that is easy to disassemble, lightweight, and that fits nicely in my van, but everything is back logged and I hate waiting 😝

The hyperbike looked easiest to disassemble so I could take with me in my van but it has a 6 month lead time! I have smaller minis so I think I wouldn’t have an issue balancing the bike.
Cost $1850 plus $217 shipping to TX

The KBike was suppose to be in the states the end of Oct, now they are saying the end of Nov. It looks a little complicated to disassemble for travel, but that’s just me, I don’t want to have to use any tools.
Cost $1450 plus $400 for shipping

Vanderveen Gen2
I looked into the Vanderveen Gen2, but that sounds even way more complicated to disassemble. Tools I would need to disassemble: an Allen key, 2 wrenches, and a socket. I asked about the lead time but didn’t get an answer so i am imagining it’s gonna be a while.
Cost: $2500 plus $300-400 for shipping

Thunder Cycle
So introducing the Thunder Cycle!! 🤣🤣
Hubby is really handy…and very patient with me 😇…and promises he can make me a bike!! It can’t be that difficult right?? We are gonna call it the Thunder Cycle, how cute is that!?! I will keep a running tally of the complete cost of my bike.

I just received my navy blue boat seat from the nice delivery guy today and It is beautiful!!
Boat seat cost: $41, free shipping

Today I also received the seat track.
Cost & shipping: $92

I ordered the wheels, but they won't be here until sometime next week….hopefully.

Hubby says the boat seat attaches perfectly to the seat track! Woohoo! Off to a good start 😍💕
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The chair slide is awesome! Not like our Aerocrowns huh? When I was trying to get mine balanced, every time I adjusted the seat it was pull the seat off, re-set and redo 4 washers and 4 wing nuts!
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HAHA! Im ALWAYS up to something RIIIIIGHT??!! 🥳🥳

I know Willow!! Yes! My Aerocrown isn’t the easiest to adjust! But it does seem even more balanced on Stormy than Cappy. Stormy is 32 inches and Cappy 35.5 inches. I can’t remember, how tall is Rocko? ….But Stormy does struggle on the grass with the weight.… I mean, I know I need to loose a few pounds and all but seriously Stormy! Geeeez!! LOL 🤣🤣 Give a girl a break!!

The axel for the wheels came today. That’s the silver piece in the pic below. Total cost was $22.14

Hubby went to the metal shop today in Fort Worth, woo hoo!
The cost for all the steel/metal: $115

Hubby fabricating the frame:

So far my frame looks well balanced!! What do ya think?! 🤣🤣🤣

Total cost so far:
Boat seat $41
Seat track $92
Axel $22.14
All the steel $115
Total $270.14
Ok, so hubby didn’t use the axel and he said he is going to keep it for other projects instead of returning it. So I am crediting that back to the total of the Thunder Cycle. He also spent an additional $75 today at Lowe’s for bolts, pins, washers, hooks and such.

Running total: $391.64
Axel credit $22.14
Lowes $75
Total $444.50

It’s coming together beautifully!! I sat on it with Stormy semi-hooked… hubby was ready to grab the shafts if I were to go flying backwards LOL and it seemed to balance PERFECTLY!! I am absolutely shocked at how well it balanced!! …after we had a quick adjustment to the seat, I slid it back a notch. Can’t wait till I get to drive him 😍😍

That seat strap has gotta go. He is gonna cut off some of the stirrups, they are a little long. Hubby also has to fix the tree, my traces don’t fit in those big ole knobs. He also is going to add loops along the shafts. Paint, then DONE!

OMG! SO EXCITED! Hubby is gonna paint it Kona Blue, he has leftover paint from a car he painted a while back.
I had a guy who taught high school shop take all the measurements of my sulky. He wanted his students to make one. I've always wondered if anything came of that; I think they would have told me if it were successful. They bought one of my driving horses and thought making a vehicle would be cheaper than buying one.
Hubby still needs to paint the Thunder Cycle, but here is a pic of it in action!


Running total: $440.50
Lowes today for plugs on the end of the shafts $7
Total: $447.50

Here is how much the carts weigh:
Hyperbike: about 30 pounds
Thunder Cycle: 38 pounds
Vanderveen gen 2: no more than 40 pounds
Kbike: 55 pounds

I totally get why people say this style bike is as close to riding a miniature horse as you can get. It is a really neat feeling! It’s weird but I felt like I had more control while driving. We could turn on a dime, ok, maybe a quarter 🤣 I feel like little Stormy could drive this bike all day long, for hours on end. I love it! Can’t wait to go to the park real soon 💕

Here is a pic of my bike broken down. Hubby made sure it would be really easy for me to assemble/disassemble.


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