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Dec 1, 2002
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nailed "The Joker".

I don't see many movies in the theater at this point in my life (hard to arrange babysitting, kids are too young for some titles, much like this one), but after seeing this piece that Bill was building as part of his business (he has a connection on the East coast that has gathered a few authentic autographs), I knew I'd have to go get a feel for if the hype was true.



Heath's had the final word in portraying this character. I will admit to being somewhat lukewarm or even turned off of many comic book to movies, but this one is amazing.

Loved Michael Caine in it, and Morgan Freeman, too.

Anyone else had the chance? What did you think?

Is it out in the theater already? I will have to see if mom wants to go see it with me, i have been wanting to see it, i was a big heath ledger fan.
Yes, it started Friday.

Our theaters have been sold out solid since. It really is amazing, and sadly, the thing that kept coming back to me was that Heath had so much more to offer...his performance in every movie was just getting better and better, this just illustrated his range in such a new way.

Make sure you "go" before the movie starts, you won't want to look away!

Call me a bad mom but I took James, Kat and I to our local Drive In theater to see it Friday since they had it out. We went an hour early to get a good spot up front and Kat got to play around for an hour with a bunch of kids from ages of about 5- adults who were playing Frisbee and football waiting. Kat wore her little butt out but could not fall asleep through this movie at all. She was on the edge of the seat loving every minute of it and fussing to stay up just to watch it. She even threw a fit when it was over because she didn't want it to end. I kept hearing all gone, byebye noooo. She is only two but loves to go to the drive in and see movies. It's the only way we can afford it anyways. At 3.50 a person its not bad at all lol.

As far as Heath Ledger, man he was awesome in it. Really stunned me how well he did it.
As you said he nailed the role, no doubt about that. Liz, did the hospital ending scene crack you up as well?
Yes, the hospital scene was just hilarious!!!

I am going to see if I can find a scene from that w/autograph for MY Ledger piece!!! I think!!!

I would not call ya a bad mom over that, believe me...the oldest was weaned on Beavis & Butthead, Ren & Stimpy and the like. He's a good boy.

It's just that it was late at night and it really wasn't the kind of movie I like to pay $7.50 a head for my boys to see intentionally.

Glad you liked it. I have not yet met anyone that saw it and didn't agree about 99% of how I felt about the movie as well. Wonder how the numbers will stack up for ticket sales?

I really, really, really want to go see this movie!!! I loved the Batman with Michael Keaton & Jack Nicholson when it first came out....this new one looks SOOOOOOOOO much better!!! (plus movies have really evolved since then!!

I am a Heath some of his lesser known movies....can't wait to see this one!!!!

I think Christian Bale has revolutionized the Batman character (and the franchise). It's easy to see that they planned to carry Heath Ledger onto at least one more movie too, and I agree with everyone else here that it is a tragedy that we will never see him reach his full potential as an actor. I read two different interviews recently--I think with the director and a producer--and one wanted to end the Joker role with Ledger while the other thought they should recast it. I can't imagine who could fill those shoes.
I have not seen it but will
I work in a plaza that has a theater 3 doors down and man the crowds of people I met comming from the movies these last few days have all loved this movie! All the people, ranging in age from 14 ish to 40 ish, have all said it's a must see! Also we have gotten in to some real discussions about what a sad tragedy involving Heath. He was such a doll and a good actor toboot.

I am STILL SO MAD about Heath's death :arg! He was one of my favorite actors. I guess I should get over it and go see it lol :DOH!

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