Tequila Foaled!!! :)

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Jim Guerin

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MHT Supporter
Nov 30, 2002
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Yelm, WA
Tequila foaled about 1145 last evening!!! Itsagirl!! I passed out carrots
I couldn't wait till later in the am to send pics!! Here are a couple, hope they are better than I think:) I will get some more later today, when I can let them out in the sunshine!!

I think I am going to name her Sugar! Just the sweetest thang!!

Well it turned out to be only one pic. photobucket wont take the other pic.


Jim Guerin

Yelm, WA
CONGRATULATIONS on your sweet little girl. Looks like she is a masked spotting factor with that white blaze. These little donkey babies are just the sweetest most trusting and loving little creatures.
Too Cute
. Once Starwish sees this, she is going to be pushing Jenny to foal. Congratulations on the new long earred kid!
Congratulations, Sugar sure looks like a little sweetie. Bear/Kay
Thanks everyone for the very nice comments on my new girl:) She is such a sweet girl.

One of those times I wish I had a digital cam today. Watching her run around, kicking up and bucking, then come to a screeching halt. Then lay her ears back - maybe she knew that she might catch some air and take off! - head down and take off again! So neat to watch

Jim Guerin

Yelm, WA

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