Spunky falls from trailer going down hwy.

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Nov 19, 2004
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To make a long story short, I had my pony (Spunky, my childhood best friend)loaded in a four horse older trailer (several years ago) and while going down the highway the latch on the escape door broke. He had tried to turn around and pushed his rump on the door. Thank goodness I had him tied in good because his hind legs bounced in and out of the trailer. He was able to catch his hoof on the fender (which tapered up to nothing). He never hit the highway (thank goodness or the story would not be a happy ending). All he ended up with was a scratch on his hind leg. He now will not travel in a confined space, of course I don't blame him. I have heard horror stories and I hope that this short story might save someone of a sad experience. Be very careful of how you travel with you ponies.


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