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First clip for Billy. We are going to a nursing home on May 12, so I wanted him to look presentable, and be cleaner. It's amazing all those little owies and bumps that are revealed by a clip.
I was going to bathe first, but weather not cooperating, so I used the air compressor before clipping. Halfway through, I gave him a break and I scrubbed the blades with soap and water. Hopefully this will keep them sharp longer.


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Yesterday we drove through the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. This wilderness area was established by Theodore Roosevelt. The bison here are genetically tested to be pure American Bison--no cattle mixed in. Besides looking at the beautiful flowers, we drove up close and personal through a large herd of bison. I've never been so close to the calves before. Some were at the milk bar, some napping. Some curious about the vehicles.


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