small strongyles might be developing resistance to ivermectin

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Jan 19, 2006
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Ontario Canada
Just sharing.
That's not good. But then I wonder if they are actually worming correclty too? I know people don't give enough at worming, therefore perpetrating resistance.
That is definitely not good to read!

I agree with the underdosing on dewomer - not that we want to o.d. them either. I know we give not quite a double dose but maybe a dose and a half on all adults - smaller 300 larger 500 as the heaviest mini we've had on a scale was 350lbs. Foals we do at 100lbs until they're over that weight.
Yikes! And it says that there are no alternate drugs effective against small stongyles and no new drugs in the works that would be effective either. This is scary!
Ivermectin is VERY safe if overdosed. I have had an experience in the past when a foal got the WHOLE TUBE in error (full sized horse foal). The vet said not to worry, it was quite safe, and he sure wont have any worms! They have also tested it in other ways- letting it sit in a hot car for months, then testing the contents, etc... not that I would recommend that, but was told it passed with flying colors.

Just edited to note though, that I agree, I dont like the 'suggestion' of the article!! Then what?!!
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