Sign Up Sheet- Request for Additional classes at Nationals

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Oct 8, 2007
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Up In the Mountains, CO
I am going to try to have people running around with sign up sheets, sign up sheets at my stalls, other stalls, and hopefully at the office too. But I will post where the Request sheets will be located. We really need your support to add the AM Halter Obstacle and Driving Obstacle to the AMHR Nationals Show. We just need your name, address, amhr member # and phone or email , in case we cannot read your writing! Anyone can call me when you get down there too, to find me. Angela Holmes 719.221.0731

Thanks for your support!
I've got 20 sheets printed up and I also will post one at my stalls ( "Just Fine Minis" ).

We hope to recruit several people to travel around the showgrounds for signatures.

This is very important to alot of amateurs and we need everyone's support.

Heading out tomorrow afternoon !


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