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May 9, 2007
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The Little Horse Barn, separately owned and operated, is proud to be affiliated with Lil Beginnings. All Artists and Crafters are invited to join Our Friends Christmas Stores The Little Horse Barn and Lil Beginnings are busy preparing our list of Christmas Stores. This is a special Holiday webpage that provides links to websites who make and sell their hand-crafted items. Whether you're a photograher, artist, quilter, candle maker, basket weaver, potter, soap maker, crafter, carpenter, jeweler, etc., and you are a member in good standing of either The Little Horse Barn or Lil Beginnings, your items are handcrafted by You, and you have a web address with your creations for sale, YOU can join Our Friends Christmas Stores. If you are younger than 18, you need your parents to call me for approval to have your store advertised. This is a great way to get FREE help in marketing Your Works of Art. This advertising opportunity includes a rotating banner ad on The Little Horse Barn that links to the Christmas stores webpage where a link to your store is listed, a mention and link to the Christmas stores will be put in our eFlyers that are sent to The Little Horse Barn members. To have a description and a link to your website added to our Christmas stores webpage, email your online store's web address, a brief description of your shop, and provide some graphics for a banner to [email protected] . Buying from members of The Little Horse Barn and Lil Beginnings is a great way to support our members' handicrafts and shopping online is convenient. We are planning on going live with this special webpage on or shortly before November 7th.
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ME!!! Me please!!!!!

Do you still have my info??
Thank you Robin and Shari. I do have your info from last year.

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