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Aug 23, 2007
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Northern Nevada
In putting a show cart together I am about as talented as a chimp doing brain surgery. I was putting it together and I put the seat springs in the wrong spot. Sounds simple enough. Just on one side when I went to take the bolt out of one side where the spring is supposed to be but I put the bolt instead. The bolt will not come out. I have put outward pressure and at this point there is only one or two threads keeping it in. I could cut the head off of the bolt but, I can not push the bolt into the seat. And, No seat no cart. Any suggestions?
My husband put together mine as I'm not talented either. I kept trying to figure out where the parts went. Then I realized, they sent extra bolts just in case! So its a good thing I stayed away.

Maybe someone else close can help you.
I'm certainly no help, but I've been there! :DOH!

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