should I geld????

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Mar 23, 2004
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Chicora, PA
I have 3 mini donkeys, 2 jacks and a jenny. The one donkey is a spotted jack close to 35" and so is the jenny (they will probaly be standards both of them). The jack in question is a 30" jack. He is dark brown. His dad was red, mom was gray. I use him in my zoo. He is better breeding quality and I have taken him outta of the zoo because he is starting to go jack. Should I geld him to use for the zoo? He's such an awsome jack though with lines. AHHH!
I'm not sure if going big into donkey breeding.
My suggestion:

If you don't ever intend to breed him, geld him. Jacks can be very dangerous, even the little ones. They go into this "zone" when they get excited and it is very hard to get their attention from there. I had a friend give me a 32 page report on jack attacks that would give some folks nightmares.

My mini jack attacked me once. There wasn't a mare in heat, he just got excited. He reared up and bit my shoulder just under my neck. If he had been 1" higher he would have gotten a vital area. Needless to say he was quickly chastized and it took over 3 weeks to become friends again.

If you think you want to use him to bred, keep him intact but take him out of the zoo. They are loving and friendly 99% of the time but if something got his interest in the wrong way, it wouldn't be worth it.
I also have heard of horror stories with standard jacks and there owners. When excited in the least bit, BEWARE, they can be dangerous! AND.....there is plenty of power behind that kick, even the minis! So always be careful when using a breeding jack, they are not like stallions! IMO.. If you are going to keep him a jack, do not use him in zoo exhibits, it could become a dangerous situation , even with the gentlest of jacks. Corinne
Yesterday I had my 15 year old donkey Jack, "Freddy " gelded. I found him dead this morning. I am just sick about it. I even broke down, cried at work, and had to leave early.
I am so sorry I had this done to him.
I feel so guilty.
He was sweet as pie and a great buddy. He was just to aggressive with the pony mare. I had no idea that gelding him could kill him. No one warned me. I wouldn't have taken the risk. Now a perfectly healthy and gentle jack is gone forever because of my stupidity. Today I hate myself and life.
We all know jacks can be gentle --- BUT, if they decide that being a "jack" is their goal they can be deadly! In the wild, jacks have a foreplay procedure that is pretty rough compared to horses. They chase the jenny and when she stops, they mount. They tend to bite more and if you want to find strength that you could not imagine -- well, that jack who stands there looking scrawny (compared to roundness of a horse) is such a bundle of brawn that it is truly amazing. My 33" jack could litterally pull 2 strong six foot men around all day! And I mean by leadlines....not in a cart. I had to muzzle him to breed or he'd get so wound up that he'd hurt the jennets. Balance of time he was like a kitten! I'm with the rest of them.....if in tact no zoo.....if zoo, geld....if no breeding plans, geld. Better animals.

I've seen some jacks who were timidly gentle with breeding, but if one shows aggression it is not normally just discipline issue, rather the call of the wild issue -- usually.
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